Our picks for this Holiday Season. Something for everyone in the family! 

These are a few of our favourite things...


When you bring people together, its always lovely to toast to such an occasion! We have a wonderful selection of sparkling wines and champagne...but why not go BIG this holiday season?! We have one of the few remaining 12L Veuve Cliquot "Balthazar" bottles, available for special delivery, pick up and special shipping. This is more than 40lbs of champagne and it comes in a gorgeous, stamped wooden Veuve Cliquot crate. EXCEPTIONAL. CHAMPAGNE FOR EVERYONE! CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW! 


 Look how happy this guy is. You can be this happy too. Click here to buy now! 



For that craft cocktail-loving, ugly Holiday sweater wearing, hipster cousin (we all have one), we have some very cool barrel aged cocktails. Mixed with the finest ingredients, starting with High West Whiskey and then aged in a barrel for optimal flavor and excellence, these cocktails are bottled at an asskicking, just under 40%ABV, to be enjoyed neat or on the rocks. 

First we have The Barreled Boulevardier 

High West Boulevardier

Distillers notes: To create the The Barreled Boulevardier, we mix Bourbon with Vya® sweet vermouth and Gran Classico®, a bitter amaro from Switzerland. We marry the mixture in American oak Bourbon barrels where it rests until it reaches perfection. A complex and strong cocktail with a taste bud inspiring interplay between sweet and bitter. Very satisfying. A Favorite drink amongst society in the 20s and 30s. Erskine Gwynne, the creator of the Boulevardier Cocktail, moved to Paris and began The Boulevardier, a monthly magazine patterned after The New Yorker, catering to the upper-class expatriate. Its contributors included such luminaries as Joyce, Hemingway, Thomas Wolfe, and Sinclair Lewis. Literally speaking, a Boulevardier was a wealthy and fashionable man who had knowledge of advanced cultural pursuits and frequented Parisian boulevards, New York City, and possibly Park Avenue (Park City!). CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW! 




Next we have the High West Barreled Manhattan. Distillers Notes:  Made from two parts of High West's Double Rye! Whiskey, one part sweet red vermouth, and two dashes of Angostura bitters for every 2.5 ounce serving. It was then aged in a 2-year-old rye whiskey barrel for 120 days. The addition of the vermouth lowers the pH and the percent alcohol by volume - both increasing the break down of the oak's hemi-cellulose, increasing the wood sugars that dissolve into the "cocktail" inside. Because a barrel "breaths", there's also some oxidation of the "cocktail." This mellows out the sharpness of the bitters and vermouth, making what we think is a darn fine elixir. We hope you enjoy tasting this as much as we did making it. Rye whiskey is MGP Vermouth is Vya and Florida Distillers Bitters are Angostura (aromatic and Orange) CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW! 

 pour me over ice im ready

Next up, a gift for the man or woman who has everything, and has shared so much with you. What do you buy that really special someone? Why not a bottle of 15 Year Old Kentucky Bourbon. Yes, we are talking about the exclusive, elusive, Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve. We've been so lucky to sell these bottles to enthusiasts from all over the world, and we have seen the look on peoples faces when they recieve these  bottles; the joy of giving someone something they maybe thought they could never have. This is truely a spectacular holiday gift to give someone. We LOVE the Pappy 15.  Click Here to Buy NOW!!  or CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR FULL COLLECTION OF PAPPY VAN WINKLES! 


pappy 15